Drive Builds Character
Drive Builds Character

A Weekend Full of Dance: My Daughter's Competition in Denver


Last weekend, my family and I traveled to Denver for my daughter’s dance competition. Her team, though small in size compared to some of the larger studios, demonstrated an unwavering work ethic and commitment to their craft.


I was struck by their bravery and confidence on stage, something I could not have imagined at their age, or even my current age. Their passion for dance is evident in the long hours they put in, training up to 10-12 hours weekly and staying late on school nights.


As a former athlete, I can identify with their experience. When I was in sixth grade, I traveled almost two hours daily to run with a team after school, attending their practices in Bernardsville, NJ. It was a crazy schedule for my mother and I to maintain, but we managed never wavering on the commitment. This dedication and hard work were instrumental in shaping me into the athlete I am today.


As we headed back home, tired but happy, I couldn't help but reflect on the value of pursuing a passion. Whether it's dance, music, sports, or any other activity, dedicating oneself to something that brings joy and fulfillment is truly rewarding. I hope my daughter and her teammates continue to dance with passion and grace and inspire others to do the same.


Throughout the entire weekend, we were surrounded by a community of dancers and their families, all of whom were supportive of one another. Despite the competitive nature of the event, the atmosphere was one of encouragement and positivity. Seeing the joy on my daughter's face after her performance was priceless. It reminded me of the importance of supporting our loved ones in their pursuits, no matter how big or small.


The competition itself was held in a large Ballroom, with the stage adorned with bright lights. It was a true spectacle to witness the various dance styles, from Lyrical to Hip Hop to Ballet to Dance theatre. Each team had their unique flair and choreography, making it even more exciting to watch.


Overall, it was a weekend full of dance, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime. I am grateful for the experience and proud of my daughter and her teammates for their hard work and dedication. I cannot wait to see where their passion for dance takes them in the future.