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I am Brian Passenti, and I have been involved in endurance sports for over three decades. From sprint to Ironman distance triathlons, from 1 to 240+  mile foot races, I have experience with all of these and everything in between. I train athletes of varying disciplines and distances with a precision process. This process allows for the build up of strategic training phases in blocks to allow for muscle adaptation and growth in recovery. Monthly plans are built out over two weeks in advance and are loaded into the Training Peaks app- Training Peaks is the online leader in exercise analysis and the worlds most powerful fitness app. I have the understanding, knowledge, and tools to get us to your next athletic achievement. My plan is simple. We will Create a custom plan, do the Work, and achieve great Results. Lets get started today!  


My Offerings

Monthly Plans

I will CREATE a custom training plan based off of your feedback from an initial assessment. These will be bi-weekly and structured training plans with descriptions of workouts, target zones, frequency, and duration. We will WORK together to gain understanding of the workouts. I will check in weekly to see how the work is going, and be available throughout the process. Let's work together to achieve RESULTS!

Monthly @ $100.


  • Bi-weekly customized training plan for your goals

  • Unlimited Contact via email/phone/social

  • Bi-weekly “check-ins” via email/phone/social

  • Race Consultation

One on one 

If you live in the Roaring Fork Valley and are wanting one on one personalized training, this is the plan. With this plan we will work hand in hand to achieve your goals. We will meet for all key workouts and have unlimited contact throughout the training process. The frequency of the meetups is up to you! Let me help you achieve RESULTS!


  • Customized training plan for your goals

  • Unlimited Contact via email/phone/social

  • Unlimited  “check-ins” via email/phone/social

  • Priority on schedule for one on one workouts

  • Discounts for packages of 5(20% savings) and 10(25% savings) sessions.


Race Day

AEC has partnered with Big Things Crewing for all your race day needs. You have worked so hard to get yourself to the starting line.  Now lets work together to plan the logistics to ensure the best possible outcome. Some options may include:

  • Ultra crew set up 

  • Crew member

  • Ultra pacing

  • Race logistics review and plan creation

  • ...and really anything that you may have concerns with either while on course or prior to your event. ​

If you think it might cause you stress about your event, just ask. Nothing is off the table as an option. 

Please email all Race Day inquiries. 


Altitude Endurance Coaching is excited to have Active Fueling Nutrition Coaching available for all your nutrition needs. "Dialing in your nutrition can take your training to the next level!  Active Fueling is an online nutrition coaching service that helps athletes and active individuals optimize their nutrition for performance and health."

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