Unlock your full Potential

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Monthly Plans

Coach Brian will CREATE a custom training plan based off of athlete feedback from an initial assessment. These will be structured training plans with descriptions of workouts, target zones, frequency, and duration. Coach and the athlete will WORK together to gain understanding of the workouts. Coach Brian is available throughout the process for questions. Let's work together to achieve RESULTS!

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Have an event in a few months and want to simplify the process of a structured training plan? Thats where a package can help!

Packages are available for any particular event distance. 20 week and 16 week options are standard. These outlines will have the structure for you to achieve your best!  Packages take a few days to build so plan accordingly. 


Have questions about a specific event? Looking to get your season structure questions answered? Need some help with navigating training load data? Coach Brian is available for consultations. Lets set up some (zoom) time and discuss.

Our approach drives our athletes' results

Our philosophy

Our science-driven methods help us design the best training programs for our athletes and help them achieve their goals. Our training plans are built around the following:

Science-backed results
We don't follow trends - we follow science. Our methods are proven to effective.
Our customized plans are made to suit you and your needs to maximize results.
We are a team and we work together to help you achieve your potential.
With unlimited communication, we are able to work together to overcome any roadblocks.
Coach Brian’s scientific and evidence based approach produces results targeted for the specific individual.  His guidance and training plan has kept me injury free and competing at a level I thought wasn’t possible; all while being successful as a parent and a professional.  He is also keen to identify stressors and help prevent any prolonged downtime due to injury or life.  I’m excited to see where his training takes me in the next 5-10 years.


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After working with Altitude Endurance for almost a year, I went from an off the couch weekend-warrior to a focused athlete. Coach Brian’s coaching gave me the consistency and accountability I needed to start reaching my goals. With a 20 min PR for my marathon time, top 10 finish at a local 50k and one of my best efforts at 100 mile ultra distance, I couldn’t be happier. My training was direct to meet my goals as well as flexible to work around my crazy work/life demands. I look forward to continuing to working with Coach Brian to achieve my  full potential as an athlete!


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